Dream or Real

Sitting on my cozy purple couch, I was reading a famous English classic. No sooner when I turned to chapter 5 ‘The Sweet who suffered ‘ I heard a hubbub sound from outside. As I  read the word ‘Sweet this reminded me of my little sparrow friend as I  kept her name Sweet . Hearing the hubbub I rushed to the window and pulled off the curtain. I saw some children gathered round in a circle and looking worried. I went out and stood there silently for sometime trying to recognize the incident. As soon as Lily saw me, she called me up there. I saw my little sparrow friend with an injured leg lying on the ground. I too got panicked,when I saw this. Holding her delicately from the ground, I tried to calm her down. I took her inside and made a comfy bed with cotton. In the meantime the children brought the first aid box. Then I and James tied a bandage to her injured leg. Although, the wound was not so deep but then also it was horrific for me. Then I sat with the children and asked them about the incident which scared me out of my wits. They told that they suddenly heard her cry in pain when they were playing. I thanked them for their attentiveness. After they all went out, I fed Sweet with some grains.

 I again seated myself to the couch and wondered where was I reading. I saw Sweet resting calmly , which soothed my mind. I took the book and searched for bookmark and soon I realized it was lying on the floor. I guess it felt out when I had rushed towards the window. I opened the book at chapter 7 ‘If you do goodgood comes back to you’. Just as I read the word ‘good ‘ it remembered me that I have to buy food related goods. I dressed quickly as the shops were going to close and rushed to the market.I bought my food and also white millet as it was Sweet’s favorite. I went back home and heard her chirping which  was not as usual but still it brought a smile on my face .I kept my shopping bag beside her and went for changing clothes. I changed my clothes and returned back there.I couldn’t find her out. I thought her leg is fine now so she would be flying. I assumed she was hiding and playing hide and seek which we play always. So I started searching for her. Inside almirah,beneath the bed,inside the basket everywhere but I couldn’t find her.So in our game, if I want to surrender I will have to call out her name and to accept that I lost. After that she would fly and come back to my shoulder. So I started calling ‘Sweet‘ but she did not turned up. I thought she is not getting me so I started shouting her name but she didn’t came.This made me upset and I broke into tears sitting on my couch. I picked up the book to see if she is beneath it but it was in vain. I opened the book at chapter 9,’The wish granted‘ and at once a magical fairy appeared. She told that she was my sparrow named ‘Sweet‘ .I refused to agree her. Then she replied ‘ I am amazed to to see your caring, loving and friendly nature. It melts my heart .As I am a fairy,I would grant one wish.’ I told ‘I don’t want anything but  I want Sweet back. But as it is , you were Sweet you can’t be back. So I want nothing from you.

After that I found myself waking up and holding my English classic at chapter 9. I found my sparrow chirping upon my head. I don’t really know what had happened. Whether it was a dream or the fairy’s wish granted, I honestly don’t know. But one thing is for sure, I can’t explain this little incident which took place to anyone. Soon my family members came  and started asking what happened. I told ‘this book is magical because whatever is written here just happened to me. ‘ They asked me how so, but I just didn’t know what to say! 

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Thats quite heartening as most of the people do not relish the historical part being boring and non-glamorous!But as per me those details are vital to trace our roots!So I promise you wont be disappointed because I make it up through some good storytelling!There is no hurry, take yr time!Happy reading😁,Dulcy

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I just visited you about page.
you are just 13 and write so well, mashallah. I skimmed through some of your posts for now but when i have time I will try to read them, god willing.
best wishes, luck and success in all your endeavors, Dulcy.
warm regards.

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😂😂(I don’t know why I begin my comments with laughing emojis)

But this story is funny, lovely, imaginative, superb and fantastic!

I love the imagination 🌈 that was created in my head because of this story.

Thanks so much!! For this.

You are as sweet and this story is Sweet, just like Sweet. 🌻🌻🌻 🐦

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Thanks for appreciation I know it doesn’t match to your standards but still I loved your comment. Nothing to do , I am a bit crazy girl. I write whatever pops inside me.It really boosted me to write further imaginative and funny stories like this one 😊😊

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You are highly welcome 🙏
Yes. It doesn’t match to my standards.

It’s more than my standards 👏🏽

You are doing a wonderful job! Dulcy the imaginative and beautiful writer.

Trust me, you are going to be someone very great and you will be the Author of bestselling books.

Yeah, that’s what makes the experience unique. You have to pour out whatever pops inside you. That’s what makes you unique and different from the other 7 billion people on earth.

I will definitely stick around and try my best to check out your beautiful contents ❤️🌈⚡️⚡️✨✨🌼🌼

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You are a gifted writer *&* I will constantly read your creative works *&* you are on your way to becoming a great writer/author *&* you will be $wealthy$. Thanks for the follow! *&* thanks for reading some of my innovative creations!

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Now I knew, you are a poet that’s why ,so much sugar in each and every line and compliment. I can’t match your imagination . I can really thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙏🙏


I respect you highly *&* my definition of the of the Imagination is that dreams come true only through the Imagination*&* the Imagination is the definition of the Soul. You make your imagination vivid and strong by using the imagination! I will read your works!

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Always be original=for every original poet *&* writer there are 100 copycats and those who paraphrase *&* never be afraid to pen what you feel. I will return to sleep *&* if God is willing I will awaken *&* write some quotes *&* poems impromptu!

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हो जाता हैं कभी कभी
कहते उसको अहसास यहां
जुबा बया ना कर सके कभी
अद्भुत अहसास होता यहां।।

कईयों को तो पता ही नही
क्या फर्क होता दोनो में यहां
अहसास क्या ओर महसूस क्या
कई दोनो को एक ही माने यहां।।

अहसास तातपर्य
निम्बू नाम सुनना क़भी
मुह में खटास आए तुरंत
उसी का स्वाद मिले
बिना चखे वो मिले यहां।।

बहुत नाम ऐसे भरे
नाम लेते ही अहसास करा दे
अहसास परिभाषित किया यहां।।

ऐ दोस्त हमारे विनती तुमसे
जीवन ऐसा जीना यहा
अहसास जाने के बाद भी हो धरा
जाना इक दिन सबको यहां।।

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Their is a suggestion sir अगर आप इन सभी कविताओ का अलग अलग post बनाकर अपने site पे publish करे तो जादा से जादा लोग इस का आनंद उठा सकेंगे।

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फिर लाइक मिलते
चाहत नही कभी ना मोल मिले
जीवन निस्वार्थ जो जीए यहां
कहानी बनती शब्दो से सदा
हम शब्दो के ही हैं पुत्र यहा।।

बना देते पल में कहानी
नही भावना स्वार्थ यहां
देखता सदा वो धरा
शब्दो की देवी देखे
उसे सदा यहा।।

हम गलत नही
ना नज़रिया गलत
गलत लोगो की सोच यहां
सोच बदलते वक्त लगे सदा
कोशिश करना हैं काम यहां।।

अपनी लिखे या आपकी लिखे
क्या फर्क हैं पड़े यहां
कोन सुधरा पड़े क़भी
जो आगे सुधरेगा
ऐसा कोंन हैं आज इंसान यहा।।

गफलत में क़भी पड़ना नही
नही लाइक कमेंट की बात यहां
यह ना सोचना उसने पड़ा सभी
जो लाइक कमेंट उसने किया यहां।।

मूर्ख बनाओ राज करो
नीति चल रही ऐसी यहा
देखो दिखाओ काम निकालो
सब लोग चाहते आज यहा ।

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सिख रहे है धरा हैं आज
आप की कृपा है दिखे यहां
कोशिश करना है कर्म हमारा
फल की चाहत ना कभी करे यहां।।

कर्म अलग है धर्म अलग
कहते जात सँग सँगत अलग
फिर भी माटी में मिलते सभी सदा क्यो
क्यो हीरे पत्थर ना होते कभी अलग।।

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मुझे भी
पिछले जन्म में
आप याद याद नही आ😋😋
अब कोशिश कर रहा हु
काश आप को याद आ जाते।😅😅

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लगता आपको निंद नही
सपने भाते कुछ ज्यादा यहा
लाइक दे दिए इतने हमको
हम सो पति लाइक बने यहां।।

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सोने की क्या इच्छा नही
क्यो चांदी ढूंढे सपने यहां
चांदी मिले तो मिले है लक्ष्मी
सरस्वती ना वास करे वहाँ।।

बीच बैठे जो सदा वही
कहते गणेश जी उन्हें यहां
लक्ष्मी,सरस्वती ना बने कभी
मद्दयस्ता सदा वो कराए यहां।।

है देवी हो रात्रि शुभ
आपको स्वप्न्न आए मस्त सदा
हम ना आए कभी स्वप्न्न आपके
कभी ना वो रात आए यहां।।

लाइक कमेंट की बात नही
हम बुझे दिप हैं समान यहां
जोत बनी चिंगारी हमारी
समय लगे मशाल जगे यहां।।


आज अलग हैं नीति ने किया हमे
अपनी हमारी पोस्ट देखो जरा
हम अनपढ़ गवार धरा पर
आपके पास डिग्रियां यहा।।

दोनो पोस्ट का आंकलन करना
देखना वक़्त किसके साथ खड़ा
जो खहो हम करे वही
जो आपको हैं सत्य लगे यहा।।

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Ya ‘Sweet’ is doing great 👍. Actually I love feeding them and watching them too. That’s why I wrote my first story on birds. Very true if you believe in yourself magic will definitely happen. Thanks a lot for stopping by and reading it. This really motivates me. 😊😊

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I often experience this magic of a story becoming real or even dreams becoming real. Of course that is good when the dreams are not nightmares. 😉

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