Fantasy Encountered

You see things,and you say,how???”

It was raining heavily, the street lights had gone off and I was returning back to my sweet family. I was walking home with the big food space holding my glamorous blue umbrella with slender brown handle. Watching raindrops splashing the water puddle on my road made me think perhaps they were the bravest creation made by God on earth , which don’t even think before falling down from such a height ! I was with my beautiful umbrella, my only companion to smell the earthy soil and hear the tiny crystal raindrops falling.Walking carefully out of the water puddle, I reached the bus stop .I was late and it would take 3 hours of walking to home from the bus stop. Usually I take bus from this location but today unfortunately there were no first buses, no taxis, nothing due to heavy rain.

The land was getting lower and lower after I reach the bus stops and gradually after a few metres it was fully sunken in flood water. The water was overflowing out of the drains, dogs and cats got over the roofs of the shops. I was surprised realise that this area is so low – lying. I didn’t realise it before as I was always inside the bus. Now it was hard for me to work. I was wondering what to do next standing on the circular platform surrounding the banyan tree and just then an old man from the from the shop just near to the street light called me as he saw me helpless. He had white plump face with walking stick and a lantern in one hand. I couldn’t read the shop’s name as it was totally dark. I was astonished because I didn’t knew about this shop before hand even if I use this way to go home by bus ! I allowed myself to go inside the shop because I had no other option left to spend the night in this devastating flood.

I went inside the dark shop thanking the old man. He took me upstairs. While climbing on the steps he told me to keep my legs properly as it was all dark and the only source of light was his lantern. For my security he also informed that there are 20 steps in this staircase.

We then reached the first floor which was his home. It was dimly lit with candles. His wife having white curly hair was sitting on the dining table with the lantern same as the man’s. She was sitting as if she was waiting for me. When I entered the room she watched me with curiosity. I was all silent after thanking the men and didn’t know what to say thereafter. Till then, I didn’t ask his name! I was busy examining the new (new for me I guess) shop. Then we are seated on the dining table. The woman asked me whether I want some hot tea or not. I had not eaten anything since the rain started so I told yes . After around 1 minute she came back with the kettle and some cookies. I wonder how come that it to just only one minute to get ready. I didn’t think much and started sipping the hot tea and wolfed down all cookies. After having my tummy full I realise how childish I had acted. I didn’t know what to say whether to say sorry or thank you? I thanked them for giving me food. I was feeling uneasy as it was completely a new place for me. Then the man of would I like to stay there till the flood get over. I agreed with them but I had a problem back at my mind that is I have to inform my parents that I am staying the whole night here. My phone’s battery was over and I had no way left to contact my family. Since we weren’t talking to each other I was feeling uncomfortable ask them if I could use their telephone . Coincidentally the man himself ask me if I want to use the telephone. I nodded and went near the phone. I recognised it wasn’t a usual telephone. It had numbers buttons from 0 to 13 . Without thinking too much I just grabbed the phone and started talking to my family ignoring the numbers from 10 to 13 . After having a pleasurable talk with my family for 15 minutes, I returned back to the table with a smile. After that the woman asked me if I would like to have dinner. Although I don’t eat so early but I thought it would be there dining time. The woman the went and returned back from the kitchen with some chapattis and beans in just 5 minutes making me astonished again. We ate silently with the relaxing sound of raindrops. Then they give me a bed to sleep. I slept there the whole night after the hectic day.

Suddenly I woke up with the bark of a dog resembling as a morning alarm for me. I realise I had been dreaming under the the banyan tree. Just then I saw my parents looking worried as they were searching for me. I rushed to my parents and went home with them.

Next day when I was travelling in the bus I saw the same old man with the plump face and his wife standing in the balcony above the shop. I was then astounded and started wondering how was that possible! ” You see things , and you say , how ??? ”

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This post is top draw interesting *&* mind-catching=it is time that you compile your posts into a manuscript for a book, and think about this: God endowed you with a priceless gift to write, and bestowed innovative skills within you to manifest masterpieces *&* materialize the type of content that make writers into authors that are masters of their craft to bring the world material to read that make the world a better place to live in!

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Thanks for reading and suggesting. I am a new comer I am still learning to improve my writing skills. Your words of appreciation really acts as a supplement for this. Thanks πŸ™


A well written masterpiece from a dream comprising rain *&* a dream story of unexpected human actions *&* reactions over tea, a phone call home *&* dinner. It was a creative dream relived from a writers pen! Oh remember that looking at rain falling looking through your home window and walking in the rain have a pen *&* pad; because this is here some of the most new creative ideas are born!

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I have so enjoyed your stories and the truths you share through them ex. beauty comes from the inside. One of my favourite story tellers is George MacDonald. He wrote a story called the Princess and Curdie. In this story Curdie has to pass his hands through a fire. It is painful but afterwards whenever he takes the hand of someone he can tell if they are a good person by whether he feels the hand of a beast or a child. One day your stories will be just as famous and will remind people of what is important. ;)Thank you for sharing your creativity!

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This kind of support and encouragement really means a lot to me. πŸ™πŸ˜‡πŸ’• thanks for stopping by and reading all my stories πŸ˜€ I really appreciate your appreciation and will work hard. Thank you once again πŸ™πŸ˜€πŸ’–

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No problem. I’m excited to see a young girl exercising her God-given gift and I just love storytelling that has a good purpose. God bless!

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The theme of the story is so brilliant! Indeed it was an engaging read. ❀️❀️

Some people are very kind but they don’t want to brag about it. They believe in ‘silent’ charity and don’t romanticize their good deeds.

And the thoughtful surprising ending leaving it upon readers to figure out.. Great! πŸ˜ƒ
Except for a few grammatical errors, it’s rocking!

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