Real life


Yes of course, this is a pandemic which took lives of thousands of people, many men lost their jobs, many died starving , and much more but this taught us many important things. It made us realise our personality. You may be thinking how come a virus outbreak make a realise personality ! Isn’t it ?

First character trait of human beings SELFISHNESS : We humans only think about ourselves! We don’t think about our environment and other living things .To make vaccines for covid-19 ,many vaccine trials are taken on animals. Not only for vaccines, various beauty products are tested on animals. Second example, today we all are using masks but we don’t know how to dispose it. People are throwing it here and there on road. Many face masks are discovered under the ocean floor. It harms our environment and increases that risk of virus spread. Want more example, in this lockdown period you were forbidden from going out unnecessarily. Just think of animals who are locked in zoos. When labourers were returning back home because they got struck in different places, where they didn’t have money to buy food! You may have understood their problems, how problematic it was . But did you ever think, what happens to animals when you cut trees and destroy their shelter. These all mark humans as SELFISH.

UNKIND AND CRUEL : there’s no humanity in humans. What did you do when you got the news about the pregnant elephant dead. She died just by eating a pineapple stuffed with crackers. How CRUEL , how UNKIND it was ,just before world environment day! There are several more examples of this character trait.

This covid-19 is a warning from mother nature and in future this could all get worse , if we don’t listen to her.‘What we do is ,what we get’ we all did things which ruined her continuously and thus we got this virus in return.