Still Regretting …..

‘Today there’s a lot of work ‘I said.My friend agreed with me with a rather exhausted face .She asked me if I wanted to have her chips packet. I replied no,looking out from the auto rickshaw in which we were sitting. We were returning back to home from college. I was feeling the fresh air running swiftly over my face .There were old buildings on either side of road with restaurants and shops too, through which we were traveling. It was all familiar and common to me since I traveled daily. Everyone is in a cheerful mood and enjoying their day.There was a construction going on the end of road.

But there’s one thing on which I fell distressed ,which was a gloomy sight in this alluring street.Inspite of all these attractiveness, that was equally displaying its presence to me.A beggar with dirty clothes and unruly hair sits begging at the end of the street. I watch him every day. He was so much alone as if he wae suffering from social isolation.He only has a plastic cover under which he sits,which protects him from rain as well as scorching sun.He has the same set of clothes. I watch him wear the same black ,torn and untidy clothes every day.That means he doesn’t takes bath too ! He has a cup which he uses to beg and a steel plate in which he eats sometimes. All this proves that he doesn’t even has money to buy essentials, I guess he is living on the leftovers offered by nearby restaurants.

I was distraughted everytime by these unresolved questions on the way…………..

Why he has to strive for his life like this???? What was his offence???? Or he has chosen this type of life to gain some soul experience and learning upstairs in front of almighty ???? Why is he different from us even when there’s enough on this planet to fulfill everyone’s need???? Why it is that someone suffers and someone enjoys????

I will help him to make his life better ‘ every time this thought came in my mind. Tomorrow I will go and help him as I don’t have enough money nor food to offer him now. Days passed liked this thinking, I will help him tomorrow as I forget to keep food and money for him because of my busy hectic schedule.

One day I was prepared to help him. I kept some extra money ,one bedsheet and also a tiffin in which I kept some food stuffs for him. I packed them in my bag and went to help him .I thought today I can bring a smile on his face. Maybe this will not be sufficient , still I can do something which will help him.

As it’s truly said by Mahatma Gandhi that–“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” 

Thinking all these I went there,where he sits.When I reached the spot ,I got worried as I was not able to find him.I asked the workers who were constructing the building there and from them I got to know that their master has forbidden the beggar to sit there. I asked them where is the beggar now but the workers replied that he has taken his belongings and went somewhere else. I truly got dishearten after hearing this. I could have helped him and that day I went to help him but I failed. I then felt angry on myself since I had the chance but missed because of my indolence. I was sorry and deeply regretting whatever happened.

I suppose no other living being other than human beings have such distinction on this earth even the animals and plants have emplacements and a permanent source of survival.Poverty is like a curse on human being. I learnt that we should do things today as tomorrow never comes. In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take. I hope that beggar is well and better now ……..

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Your posts are Really amazing Dulcy, when we started writing about our life, it’s good. Because our life is limited but their experiences are endless. A whole book can be written on our one minute life experience

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It is the writer who manifest works that bring individuals happiness on my levels, *&* we are thanking you a lot for sharing with us you gift from God to write to make a difference in real time from real-to-surreal in verb superb form, shape, *&* fashion!

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Oh! I love this quote by Ghandi so much that I am going to post it. Such a good story, Dulcy. In the Bible there is a story of Job sitting on the ground in the dust after having lost everything. People thought he must have done something bad. But we know that God has been telling the devil that he was a β€œstar” to him – an especially good person. I think we should always keep this story in mind.

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Ya very well said I also believe this. No one on this earth is worthless or suffering because he has done something wrong, God has chosen them among others souls to reincarnate and make a difference in the life of the mankind for their betterment. 😊😊 thanks for sharing your precious thoughts and appreciating my story.


Thanks Dulcy I do believe that in this life Jesus by His Spirit makes it possible for us to die and be reborn better again and again everyday when we say no to selfishness and yes to love. He showed us how first by His own life where He denied himself and served people even to the point of physical death. Many people call themselves Christians but don’t really understand this and that is why they are selfish and seeking to climb higher while pushing others down. They are becoming worse not better. Things in the West are becoming more and more terrible because of this. This is why Gandhi said he admired Jesus but was disappointed to see that most Christians did not live as he did. I hope that I can keep seeking to live as Jesus taught. It is often difficult and involves suffering but fruit comes from this suffering. First the bitter then the sweet :).

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