You Decide…….

You Decide…….. whether it’s wrong or right..

Actually, it is a story of a girl around 6-7 years named Meera . Everyone in her neighborhood was busy in the preparation of Diwali ( Indian Festival of lights). She along with her younger sister decided to do something for this Diwali. Meera’s parents were both working and they were always left alone with a maidservant who never took interest in the girls activities. She was only interested in housekeeping work and gave them food whenever they wanted to eat. In other words both the girls were all alone.

For this Diwali both the sisters decided to make a Gharonda ( it’s basically a mud play house which is prepared by the kid’s during Diwali festival . On the day of Diwali they decorate it with diya, candles and decorative lights. Since play house is made with mud, it is also painted in different colors to make it beautiful. Kid’s play and worship in this house on the day of Diwali.) So they decided to collect mud from the nearby railway track which was hardly 500 meters away from their house. Meera had a tricycle on which both the sisters used to play. They decided to use that tricycle to load mud for their Gharonda.

Diwali Gharonda made by kids.

Meera stared cycling with her sister at the backseat, and went to the spot from where they can collect mud which was located near the railway track.There was a slum area at a distance of half kilometers ahead of the railway track. Meera along with her sister started loading mud on the tricycle. After having loaded the mud, Meera as well as her sister started dragging the tricycle. Soon they reached their home, and started unloading the mud. They again went there and returned back with the loaded mud. Till then they did this for two times, the third time when they went there they saw a heap of sand beside their mud loading spot. They were exhausted and bored from that loading and unloading , so they started playing on the heap of sand. After enjoying on the sand they started feeling hungry. In the urge of their hunger, they had completely forgotten about their dear tricycle and went home running.

They informed the maid that they are hungry and the maid ended up in serving them a glass of milk . Soon then the maid realised that their tricycle is missing . She asked Meera about the tricycle ,giving her a heart ache. Meera rushed to main gate to search if the tricycle was there or not . Seeing her returning back with a confused face , the maid asked if her if she had forgotten it near the railway track. The maid also warned her if they didn’t get the tricycle back they would get scolding by their parents . Listening to this warning of maid’s Meera got very scared . She was almost in state of crying. Seeing her ,the maid told ‘let’s go and search for that ‘. Maid followed by two little girls went to the spot . They searched every where, but their effort went in vain. After all this Meera’s eyes was filled with tears. She started crying loudly.

Some people were walking along the railway track. One of them asked Meera ‘why are you crying ?‘ The maid explained everything. Then another man in that group said ‘ I know where the tricycle is. Come with me , I will help to get it back ‘.Meera agreed to go with that stranger. The maidservant gave a confused face and went home back with Meera’s younger sister.

Meera was least bothered about that it was not safe for her to accompany a stranger for this work. The only thing on her mind was to bring her tricycle at any cost. After walking about half a kilometer the stranger took her in a narrow path which was stinking and was full of rubbish everywhere. They entered a small hut where she found her tricycle. She was happy to see it. The stranger and the house owner seemed familiar to each other so they handed the tricycle to Meera. After that the noble stranger dropped her near the railway track. Meera was in so much hurry that she didn’t even thanked him and rushed to her home swiftly with her tricycle.

It was evening her mother arrived home. Meera proudly narrated the whole incident, thinking that her mom will embrace her with joy. But soon her feelings got shattered when her mother scolded her for the inappropriate behavior which was totally madness.

Meera was totally shocked. She was thinking that if the tricycle had gone also, she would have got a scolding.

Then what would she had done????

You Decide…….. whether she wrong or right.

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Oh, my. From the standpoint of a grandmother I think the maidservant would receive a scolding for ignoring the children. As a parent I would have been filled with fear of the what could have happened. Meera was just being a child and children need direction at times.

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We place a heavy burden on young children when we expect them to accurately assess the motives of adults. One famous study observed children who had been strictly instructed never to talk w/ strangers. Despite that instruction, the children readily spoke w/ and accompanied a stranger who said he had lost his dog.

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Children are too innocent to understand such things… For them world is as pure as their own hearts. The maid should’ve had some sense πŸ˜…
These mud houses are very beautiful! Do you also make them on Diwali?

You’re 13!! Oh so young. If that’s how you write at 13 then you’re a long run player dear! There’s a website Write the World for writers of the age 13-18 which hosts monthly competitions with cash prizes and weekly prompts and so much more. Just give it a visit, you’ll love it!! ❀❀

Keep writing and reading Dulcy. πŸ˜ƒ
PS: There are a few grammatical mistakes in here. Just give it another read and then you’ll find them. 😊

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I am glad you liked it. It’s my mother’s true story.One day I was talking with her and she told me about her childhood. Then I thought of publishing it here , so that I could know whether she was right or wrong!!I don’t know how to make mud houses, generation change πŸ˜…πŸ˜… but I it’s interesting my mother used to make it. Thanks for appraising me about the competition. I will surely take part in it after my exams get’s over.Thanks for reading it thoroughly .I will surely read it once again and update it. Thanks a lot 😊😊

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Oh wow, it’s a true story…
Ah! I love clay and mud stuff. We were taught in school how to make things from mud in papier machie but now my school’s over but I want to play with mud once again! πŸ˜€

Yeah, exams… Me too! πŸ˜… But after they go well, visit this website surely. You still have 6 years for the site. I’ve got only 1Β½ 😟

You’re Welcome Dulcy. Feel free to contact for anything. 😊❀

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She was a trusting soul, and had no fear of the stranger. Her mother, being older and having fear from knowing what unfortunate things could have happened to her sweet girl, reacted harshly. To put fear into the girl, so she might be β€œcareful” of strangers in the future.
Of course, had the girls not have been hungry, or been more mindful of their tricycle, the girl (and her mother), wouldn’t have been in their ultimate experience. β€οΈπŸ¦‹πŸŒ€πŸ™

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I am glad you found it worth for reading. Actually this is a true story of my mother when she was small. I just changed the name and wrote what she did in her childhood. πŸ˜€ thanks for reading and sharing your precious thoughts on it. πŸ™

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Ahh… you noticed I haven’t posted since daysπŸ˜…πŸ˜…
From tomorrow my mid term exams are starting and I was preparing for it. I will surely come back with a story 😊I am overwhelmed by your kind gesture. Thank you so much for loving me and encouraging me always with your comments ❀❀.You made me emotional πŸ₯Ί

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