Life’s persistent and the most urgent question is,what are you doing for others?

Very well articulated by Martin Luther king Jr. To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with. The essence of Salim’s story,very well depicts the above statements.

A boy name Salim who was around 14 years old, lived with his mother and two twin sisters near National Highway of Gujrat. His father died in a road accident 7 years ago, so he was the only bread owner in the family. He used to wash utensils and did the cleaning work at line hotel ( Dhaba) ,previously whose owner was his father himself. But after his death, the Dhaba was sold to some one else since her mother was pregnant and was unable to run it efficiently.

He was a daily wage earner. The money he got from his master was quite sparse to fulfill the needs of his family. He started his work early morning at the Dhaba and his hectic day ended at night. On the way to his home he used to buy rice,potatoes, etc for that day’s dinner and the next day’s lunch. His wage was so less that after this not even a single penny would be left in his pocket. Inspite of all these hardships he was still a cheerful and humble human being.

One day having finished his work at Dhaba, he purchased some eatables as usual. On the way to his house he found some chaos by the roadside. Soon he recognized that it was a car that has broken down. It was a family of four, just hoping for the car to be fixed in that deserted highway. The car owner, Mr. Bajaj inquired about the car garage to Salim. Salim replied that there is a garage one Kilometer ahead, but now is must be closed. Mr.Bajaj got worried as small children and her wife where with him. Mr Bajaj again enquired if there’s any guest house or hotel nearby. Salim replied No…..

Then Mr Bajaj yelled, What to do??? Where to go??? Salim at once without thinking too much, offered them to spend night in his home. Mr Bajaj readily agreed and followed Salim.

While walking Salim thaught whether they would be comfortable in his hut. Soon they reached their.

Salim welcomed them in his house and said ” Feel comfortable in this uncomfortable house.”

Mr. Bajaj said “Your house is like a palace to us in this situation, whose king has a kind and a munificent heart. “

Salim’s mother too welcomed the family with an overwhelming heart. She quickly arranged water for them so that they can freshen up. She prepared a rice preparation with potatoes called Tehri . All of them enjoyed the tasty dinner and slept. Salim’s mother asked Salim that “all the ration is over, so what we will eat or serve them tomorrow.” Salim replied ” Don’t worry I will manage something “

Next day early in the morning Salim rushed to the garage and called a mechanic with him. And requested him to quickly fix the problem in the car. In the meantime he collected some guavas and papayas from his friends garden for the breakfast. Mr. Bajaj and his family was very much overwhelmed with his gesture. They thanked him and tried to offer him money but he didn’t accepted. Salim said in return” You all are my guest, which in India is next to God, so how can I accept this..”

The mechanic had fixed the car problem, so everyone waved good bye. Salim accompanied Mr Bajaj and his family to the car.Thanking Salim , Mr Bajaj asked ” tell me dear Salim how can I help you??? I really want to help you.”

But again Salim smiled and said “It was my pleasure to have you all as my guest.I am happy I don’t need anything else. Infact you gave me the opportunity to share my joy with you all.The joy of happiness and satisfaction of helping someone in need.