A triangle with blunt edges

How often do you turn your eyes to stars ? Which answers are you looking for ?

I wish upon a glimmering star ,

My hopes as distant and as far.

‘Are there any shooting stars ma’am ?’ asked Emma to her teacher.‘ I saw one in television yesterday ‘. ‘ Yes, of course they are , dear ‘ her curiosity about shooting stars remained until she reached home. Whole day she kept on asking enormous questions to her friends.

Are they white or silver or golden in color?.’

‘Are they climbing high on the sky that they fall down, when they fail? ‘

Of course no one had the answers to her questions. On reaching home, she threw her bag and went running to her grandmother’s lap. After a few minutes of usual talks with her, Emma asked her grandmother..

‘Are there any shooting stars ? They are of which color? ‘

‘Why do they fall down?’

‘Wait dear, let me answer! ‘ her grandmother replied.

‘There are shooting stars. Legends says, only people who are lucky, honest, noble and witty can see them and hold it their hands and if you can hold it, you would have unlimited wishes until you don’t loose it. In this world, there are very few people who have all these qualities, so it’s very rare. If you want to see and hold the star in your hands, you should possess these qualities she added.

Emma passed on this conversation to her friends. Those little innocent girls decided to watch the night sky tonight. The girls went to their playground with basket full of snacks. They started gossiping about stars laying down on grass watching the glittering night sky. Soon then they recognised a shooting stars falling and interrupting their talks. Everyone stood up and rushed to different areas as per their own choice to search for their fallen star. Emma started searching under the bushes and luckily she found the glimmering silver star.It had a shape like a triangle blunt on edges. After observing it for a minute she took it and hid it in her pocket . She decided not to inform anyone (her friends) about the star , as she thought they would have taken her star. She pretended as if she hasn’t got the star and trying to search like others are doing.

After determinedly searching the star for half an hour ,the girls got tired. One of Emma’s friend asked her about the star . Emma lied and told she hasn’t got the star.

Grabbing her basket she , rushed to her home. She saw that her grandmom is sleeping , so she went in her room with a rather rueful face. In morning when she woke up, she immediately rushed to her grandmother. Seeing that her grandma is worshipping ,she went and brushed her teeth. While brushing teeth she thought of making a wish . She took out the star from her pocket. A disaster happened that time. The glittering star had changed into a black dull stone. She rushed to her grandmom.

‘The star changed to a stone! The star changed to a stone!’she said .’Why did it happen so ?’she added.‘Wait,wait dear ! Tell me your story from beginning.’ her grandma said. She apprised the whole story. ‘Do you remember the legend ,dear?’ . ‘Yes,the person should be honest, kind and witty to posses the star ‘. ‘Correct! Do you think you had all these qualities after you found had the star?I guess no. So that’s why the star left you and went away ‘ .

‘Where did it go ? asked Emma.‘It went in search of a person as the legend says’.

I wish I may , I wish I might ,

Have the wish , I wish tonight…

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Ya I will try improving my writing and presentation skills. I believe that talanted persons like you and others will help me in this writing journey of mine. Thanks for your sincere comment.

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Thank you for your many “likes” on my blog, Dulcy. ❀ While I am truly grateful, I cannot possibly match you. I am much older than you, so it takes me awhile to read any given post. I live in a rural area w/ unreliable WiFi and use an old computer that acts up at intervals. I, also, have health issues which prevent me from going online as much as I might like.

I wish you much success w/ your blog, and much happiness in life. You have a gift for storytelling, and a unique perspective. Do not be discouraged of not everyone responds to your blog. You need only touch a single heart to make a difference in the world. ❀

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Tons of thanks and and regards to you ma’am. I am overwhelmed with your blessings and kind appreciation. It really means a lot to me. Your posts really deserves many more likes. I am really lucky I found you. Be in touch and guide me always. Stay safe and happy always πŸ™πŸ™

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“The *Sun* is a *Star* *&* poets *&* writers are influenced by the Stars, but the main attraction of the *Stars* is the *Sun* comprising *Sunrise* *&* Sunset* as the *Sun* energize the Earth consisting of *Matter* *&* Energy*!”_-Van Prince

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You are very young *&* all poets, writers are here so you will grow with us *&* vice versa, *&* we are here respect you,protect you, *&* secure you in creativity because God gifted you to write *&* we all love your teenager crowing into a young lady who is on the verge of becoming great *&* wealthy!

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