Something’s always missing……(Part I)

I am not just a doll, I’m a multidimensional human being who likes to make things. Yes I am a doll……

It is an anxious, sometimes a dangerous thing to be a doll. Dolls cannot choose ; they can only be chosen;they cannot ‘do’, they can only be done by .

Rumer Godden

Yes it’s truly said by Rumer . I saw this quote from Ginny’s all time favorite story book . It’s really a mind opener for me and I truly agree with it . Maybe Ginny doesn’t understands my feelings but you my fellow friend , Mr Car ( Ginny’s brother, James’s toy) may understand it. Ginny is a kind hearted, caring 6 year old girl. She loves reading books. That’s why my house is only thing other than her bookshelves in her room.

My house is a two storey house. A large chimney poked out of one side of the roof and a small chimney out of the other. The accommodations consisted of several small rooms with a tiny table, bed frame, and mattress. The kitchen cum dinner room is where my food is served. Two medium sized windows let in natural light. My cozy house has a fridge where Ginny stores and preserves food for me. A small open air pool in the front with a barbecue . A neat classy drawing room with lavish sofa. What else do you need to live? But some thing was missing. Yes it’s like something’s always missing.

I am not happy, I am not alive , I can just feel. But what? I am lonely. I am left. I am not able to speak or able to walk . I am not able to sleep when I want to. I am not able to eat what I want to . I want to live my own life as per my own choice ! I want to live as Ginny does .

Mr Car I hope you enjoy living in James room . Mr Car this is my letter. Now it is 12 AM and Ginny is sleeping. I am writing this silently in my first floor study room I am thankful to Ginny as she taught me many things indirectly. But , perhaps I have to leave this house and go somewhere else for Ginny rarely pays attention to me and plays with me. Hope you receive my letter Mr Car . From


—————— x ——————

Taking all her luggage, Shelly, dropped the letter for Mr Car in James room. She tip – toedly walked out of Ginny’s room to storeroom under the staircase. She decided to live there alone in that black , dusty, dark room with a tiny window with a rusted frame . There were four almirahs , two one left and two on right side . The almirahs were all full of books except one. Ginny’s family was a book lover. That’s why three of the almirahs were full of old books .

To be continued in part II……..

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This post is unforgettable *&* Ms. Dulcy Singh writings are so profound + flawless, her posts that I’ve read thus far reminded me of all the great works by primarily females poets *&* writer inspired me to pen this morning impromptu a post on such creative and skillful female and the post is titled: *Female Poets *&* Writers*

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All great writers *&* poets think they aren’t great=that is scale of greatest, but there are those who profess to be great but not even good. Young lady confidence with being persistent with determination are the keys of greatness of you are the potential of greatness maturing into the substance of greatness. I never flatter flatter but pay sincere compliments-I know what I am talking about!

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