Something’s always missing……(Part II)

The fourth almirah was stuffed with antique dinner sets , just in memory of Ginny’s grandmother. They were not dusted for years and the utensils seemed as if they were coated with grey dust .There were spider webs all round the storeroom. In the corner of the room there were stacks of old newspapers.

Shelly decided , to first clean the almirahs. She took out her little broomstick and started brushing out the fourth almirah. It took one long day to complete it . Exhausted and tired she slept inside a teacup .

Her eyes opened with the first ray of sun coming through the rusted window. After eating a packet of potato chips, she stared dusting the bookshelves . It didn’t took much time as they were frequently in use by the family and by night she had completed cleaning all the almirahs. She spent her whole night , sleeping on the newspaper.

It was two days since she left Ginny’s room. Ginny was so busy in her own life that she didn’t noticed Shelly wasn’t there ! Shelly now lived the life she wanted to i.e independently.

Five days (from the day Shelly left) , Ginny thought of playing with her doll. She went to Shelly’s luxurious house and found Shelly was missing! She started searching her everywhere in her room but her effort went in vain . She thought Mr Car would knew, where Shelly went , so she rushed to James’s room. Snatching Mr Car from James hand , she asked the toy about her doll . Mr Car gave her the letter and went back .

She had now realized her mistake of,not paying attention, for being careless and was now full of guiltiness. She then requested Mr Car to take her to Shelly. He repliedI dont know where she is .But I guess she would be in her favorite place’ . Ginny full of guilt requested him to show Shelly’s favorite place . You spend so much time together, and you don’t know where is her favorite place?’ said Mr Car. Ginny full remorse again requested him to take her to Shelly.

Mr Car rushed to the storeroom, bumping over doors followed by Ginny. Ginny pushing the storeroom door , got surprised! She found the room to be very neat and tidy which marks the presence of Shelly, as Shelly loves cleanliness. Hugging her doll tightly in her arms , she stared crying. She begged for forgiveness from Shelly , promising to give her utmost attention and understand her feelings and take care of her autonomy. Ginny learned that EMPATHY was the most valuable qualities that every human being must possess. Shelly’s eyes sparkled with merriment. And now they became Besties Forever !

Empathy is
seeing with the eyes of another ,
listening with the ears of another,
and feeling with the heart of another.

They enjoyed reading together. Ginny always served, Shelly with her favorite delectables ,played together and had fun . They started spending jolly and quality times together, enjoying each other’s company.

Everything and everyone deserves a happy ending……..

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