Life rewinds…….. (Part II)

The day of final presentation came, and Sia was eagerly waiting for Sara. But Sara didn’t turn up. She was shocked how could, ‘she be absent on this important day’. She was worried for Sara, and thought, she might be unwell. But Sia’s heart was sinking on thought of presentation. How will she stand in front of the whole class and do the presentation? No I can’t’ . But a thought popped up in her mind that if didn’t presented then, Sara will also suffer because of her and get Zero.

She did the presentation dauntlessly keeping Sara in mind, as if Sara was standing besides her. When the presentation ended, for the first time Sia heard, clapping and appreciation for her. She was overwhelmed and thought of sharing her new experience with Sara. But Sara wasn’t there. After school, at home Sia tried to call her but Sara didn’t picked up her phone.

Next day Sara came, but something unusual happened. Sara sat with someone else instead of Sia. She got hurt, went to Sara and asked ‘why are you not sitting with me and why were you absent?’ Sara didn’t replied. Sia asked again and again but was ignored by her. After this incident, they never talked to each other. But still both of them looked at each other, making sure that the other person is not watching.Their schooldays ended slowly.

Sara was sitting in counselling hall for the admissions in MBBS .Then, suddenly, a name was announced which sparkled Sara’s eyes. It was Sia’s name !! Sara’s curiosity ended and was filled with joy to see her. Sara at once, wanted to hug her and cry but again she stopped. After finishing the formalities when Sia turned back, her heartfelt wish got fulfilled. She was speechless to see Sara just in front of her. It was a moment as if the life had rewound.

Sia brooke in tears and asked Sara ‘What was my mistake? Why did you left me alone? I miss you every day, every moment, why?

Sara just hugged her and said ‘I was alone too and missed you every moment. We were growing separately without growing apart. I am so happy to see you achieving your goals. Today my objectives of seeing you as doctor has been fulfilled.’

Sia now understood why Sara left her away at that stage. She wanted her to stand alone and face the challenges and develop self confidence. Sia told “Friendship picks you up when the world lets you down.” Sara you are my best friend because you believed in me, when I stopped believing in my self.   

Sara’s and Sia’s life had rewond again. They got their admission in the same Medical College and luckily, they shared the same hostel room and continued with their friendship forever………….

Best Friend are siblings, god forgot to give us.’

142 replies on “Life rewinds…….. (Part II)”

Nice story πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Kash life mein bhi end m sb aise h hota

Keep writing these amazing stories, and you want to do MBBS too na, I read in one of your post, All the best, may all your dreams come true πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

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Thanks a lot. By the way I will also be posting 5 in one Award today or tomorrow. I have also nominated you and tagged you. Pl check and participate. I will include this award nominations too.

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Thanks for nominating me .It really means a lot. I will be posting one Award post tomorrow or day after it , I will nominate you there.Just it out once it is posted .And thanks a lot for appreciating my stories. 😊😊


No it’s not like that
Morning u found Ur posts and I found too many useless comments eventhough your writing was so simple
And i don’t know whether they r Ur friends, but mostly there were guys who were commenting on Ur blogs
And they are guys who simply comment whichever girls blog they see
Now I felt to be honest like because of this people , u mustn’t feel like u r a really good blogger , actually u have to learn , coz Ur blogs and short life example STORIES are so straight and Ur comments are like wow , and awesome and for nothing and through this u mustn’t confide urself into thinking , that I’m a good writer , coz no body is …..not even me , we have a lot to learn , and don’t let these LOT OF COMMENTS to change Ur goal , I mean morning , I’m sorry , but I laughed πŸ˜‚at se comments , coz Ur concept was so simple but the comments and too a lot praising u out of simple concern that u r a beautiful girl πŸ™ƒπŸŒΈ
So yah ms.dulcy , be careful and I’ll read and say u that u told me to read …😜

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Thanks a lot for your valuable and honest comment. I really want these types of comments in my blogs to improve my writing skills. I know I have to learn more and I will be very glad if you read my other story and tell where I have to improve. I am just 13 and I don’t get so much time for writing as I am busy with my studies. I mostly read stories in my free time..

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