List of Nominees for all the Awards

Heartiest Congratulations to all my dear follower friends. This is the time to announce the list of nominees for all the Awards I got nominated. I have tried my best to accommodate all my followers in the nomination of some or other Awards. If any one is left I am so sorry, you are free to get nominated in any of these Award categories.


Nominees for Ideal Inspirational Award and Mystery Blogger’s Award can choose any 5 questions among these 11 and nominees for Vincent Ehindero blogger Award can choose any 10 of these.

  1. When is your birthday ? Most precious gift that you would cherish lifelong?
  2. Which country and place do you belong to?
  3. Which supernatural powers would you choose – being invisible or to read others mind ?
  4. Describe your blogs in short.
  5. What would you prefer – tea or coffee?
  6. Phobia for any object or situation that disturbs you very much.
  7. Name a place you want to visit again.
  8. How was your life 10 years ago?
  9. How do you spend time when you’re free?
  10. How many Awards have you got nominated?
  11. Your favorite author . Why ?

Note :-

  • Please check my Award posts for the rule and procedures to participate in a particular Award category.
  • You are free to choose your Award category according to your preferences , if you don’t want the one I gave.
  • Surely visit the site’s of Bloggers who have nominated me.

Liebster Award (3 no.) 11+11+11=33 nominees

  1. Anjali Khanal
  2. Nawazish
  3. Amit
  4. Jalpa
  5. Kally
  6. Blanca
  7. Rajanisingh8857211772
  8. Deeksha Pathak
  9. Anjali, RBWF
  10. D.S.Chauhan
  11. Rimi
  12. Alynn 98
  13. Ashok
  14. Saniasparkle
  15. CoolΓ—2007
  16. Denise Choong
  17. Killa
  18. Aaliyazoya
  19. Anup
  20. Chocoviv
  21. AnnuRij
  22. Maeflower
  23. Sufyan03
  24. Maux&Cris
  25. Melie
  26. Mohenjo
  27. Nicole Nutzel
  28. Nitinsingh
  29. Anna Elise
  30. Olivia
  31. Jan Paul
  32. Ursa
  33. Maame

Vincent Ehindero blogger Award (2 no.) 30+30 =60 nominees

  1. Introverted Thoughts
  2. Ashee Asiwal
  3. Arniket Rai
  4. Vaniheart
  5. Shaheen Reviews
  6. Seraja
  7. Janis
  8. Hannah Gandhi
  9. Hare Krishna Singh
  10. Sarah
  11. Gerson Clark
  12. Rekha Sahay
  13. Daneelyunus
  14. Parneetsachdev
  15. Deep_Pawan
  16. Orededrum
  17. Debasis Nayak
  18. Ona
  19. Cindy Georgakas
  20. Mizo
  21. Ecohorizous
  22. Saanvidhingra 14
  23. Bach
  24. ‘SMILE ‘ mercurytwin
  25. Princess2ear
  26. Yelling Roza
  27. Fat Cow Co
  28. Wordsmith Stage
  29. Wm. Allen
  30. Hemalatha Ramesh
  31. The travelfreak2000
  32. The lonelyauthorblog
  33. The Kite of the pen
  34. The flowddess
  35. Christin
  36. Taruna Rathor
  37. Sean
  38. Ar. Abhishek
  39. Suri
  40. Brushes and papers
  41. Shubhi Rawat
  42. Muralikrish
  43. Kingsley Vchechukwu
  44. Shivam Chaudhary
  45. Ranjini Madhavan
  46. Nomabobb
  47. Iqra Aqib
  48. Deeply shredded
  49. Happiness Classroom
  50. Rupaul
  51. AGE anavenblogs
  52. Phosphene’s write
  53. Phans66
  54. Inspirechief
  55. Narendra Nayak
  56. Mahesh Mali
  57. Lesjumelles13
  58. Anabel RC
  59. Leonivo
  60. 1972 Italy

Ideal Inspirational Award (3 no. ) 9+9+9 =27 nominees

  1. Kamal Shrestha
  2. Aditi Gupta
  3. Navneet Kumar
  4. A.&V. travel
  5. Fairywitch
  6. Shanessa
  7. ShankySalty
  8. Messages from Sprit
  9. Kindness
  10. Deepak Sharma
  11. Just Ekta
  12. Dolly Vas
  13. Domenico
  14. Claudia
  15. Dhananjaygangay
  16. Charles
  17. Arun Kumar
  18. Melanie Ann George
  19. Sandomina
  20. Shruti
  21. The Unseen Miles
  22. Time offer
  23. Garima@Diaries
  24. Josiesvoice
  25. Indira
  26. Aaliyazoya
  27. Normaboble

The Mystery Blogger’s Award (1 no. ) 20 nominees

  1. Aakash Choudhary
  2. Juleen
  3. Adam’s Apple:The World
  4. Josiesvoice
  5. Vaniheart
  6. Gabriela
  7. Atul
  8. Christin
  9. Astradie
  10. Ashish Kumar
  11. Tkbrownwriter
  12. James Knight
  13. Piyush Gulati
  14. M. Zeeshan Horani
  15. Seamless Echo
  16. Elena
  17. A little book of  love
  18. Black Cloud
  19. Janine
  20. Addie

Sunshine Blogger Award (1 no.) 11 nominees

  1. Aanya
  2. Jasleen Manifests
  3. Gautam Singh
  4. Aaliyazoya
  5. Hannah Gandhi
  6. Ameet Kothari
  7. Akanksha Vats
  8. Thevel
  9. The Unseen Miles
  10. Nimish
  11. Soul Musing

Please ignore typing errors if any. Congratulations once again to all for the nomination. Stay blessed and safe.


104 replies on “List of Nominees for all the Awards”

Hey thank you Dulcy so much for the instructions and clearing up some things about this. I will take your advice and try to proceed with the process as soon as possible πŸ’•βœŒπŸ˜„

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tons of congratulations, Dulcy, for getting nominated for these awesome blogging awards and also for nominating so many people including me. I am thankful and grateful to you.
I wish you all the best in your blogging journey!!

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Thanks a lot. You well deserved the nomination too.It’s my pleasure having such a talented blogger friend whose appreciation makes me feel happy and motivated. Stay blessed and safe 😊


hahaa any time my friend, it was so cool.

I would have replied to this sooner but it didn’t show up for me in the notifications; it’s only when I checked back I noticed that your comment was here.

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1. My birthday is in November 30. My most precious gift is ofcourse my little sister, She’s the best.

2. I am from Kathmandu, Nepal.

3. Being Invisible ofcourse, I cannot take criticism so well, so I think I will skip reading other’s mind.

4. My blog is about what I really feel in general. I just speak up and write about the things I generally think is important.

5. I am a tea person,I love coffee too! So I guess I am both.

6. I have a fear of speed since my accident in 2018.

7. I want to visit Rara Lake Again , It’s in Nepal.

8. Not so miserable, but very simple. I just want to go back and ask that little Anjali to live up a little!

9. I binge watch Crime PatrolπŸ˜…

10. 17 in total! πŸ’“ So much overwhelming ✨

11. I love books by Buddhisagar, He’s a very Authentic writer from Nepal. I just love his books. They are always a one time read for me!

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Thanks for answering my questions. Your answers are fabulous. It was a great opportunity for knowing you a little bit more and I am honored to have such a wonderful friend like you. Best wishes for you always 😍

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Thanks a lot 😊. I am nominating you for all the awards. I really would be glad if you participate. For rules and questions see the previous posts published just before this post. Waiting for you answers πŸ˜ƒπŸ’•

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