Mirror Image…..(Part II)

After completing my engineering degree I was preparing for my first campus selection interview. Mom gave a spoonful of curd to eat and put kumkum on my forehead. I touched her and dad’s feet and folded hands in front of my departed granny’s photo and waved goodbye. My interview was over and I got selected. I was very excited and thought I have achieved the goal of my life. To share my joyous experience ,I accelerated my bike . Soon then I bumped with a bus………………..

All of a sudden everything thing stopped and I felt a deep silence. The blood was dripping from my forehead but there was no pain. I was feeling light and my mind was cool and relaxed. Two familiar faces with a mild smile, forwarded their hands for support and picked me up.I was constantly trying to identify them. One of them asked ‘Are you Ok’ I nodded my head. Another person asked ‘Do you want to take some rest before going to your home.’ Without thinking I said ‘Yes sure’ and closed my eyes.

After a deep sleep when I opened my eyes found my granny standing besides them.I was joyous but at the same time surprised. I asked granny ‘How come you’re here, you had gone, gone to heaven !!!!!!!’ Granny first hugged me and said ‘My dear son you have come here’ I asked ‘Where?’ She replied ‘The ultimate destination– Heaven’. The quest which conquered my heart and soul for years was in front of me.

I started running here and there but nothing was new. Granny said ‘Yes dear ‘nothing is new here, It is the mirror image of the place we used to live, the only difference is that……

Heaven = Earth – (greed+desires+anger+selfish love)

Soulful volunteers are send to the earth in the form of human beings, animals and plants to create a heaven on the earth itself with the help of others nonliving things. All others creatures other than humans are constantly performing their roles in creating a better world i.e. heaven. We should be thankful to God that amongst all the souls we have got an opportunity to volunteer this noble work. The main purpose of our incarnation was to create a heaven on the earth by removing greed, desires, anger and selfish love. But after talking birth we humans get busy in achieving our materialistic goals and forget the purpose of life. God gave you a heart to love with, not to hate with, God gave you the ability to create Heaven on earth, not Hell.

The pure perfect truth of life is that we are here to create heaven on earth, to bring the perfection of what is above, down to us, and in doing so to become transformed as human being into something great and beautiful.

For this one has to experienced all the shades of life and learn the life lessons that is– suffering, happiness, illnesses, sacrifice, mental instability, fear, depression, loneliness, responsibilities, sharing and compatibilit, poverty, prosperity, love, friendship,success etc.

That God became man indicates only this; that man should not seek his salvation in eternity, but rather establish his heaven on earth.

After listening to all this I felt that I had wasted my life just in achieving materialistic goals and had not contributed anything for the benefit of mankind. Will almighty God give me another chance……….

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सदा आईना दिखाता वो
सत्य कहते उसे यहां
दृस्टि दृस्टि का फर्क हैं सिर्फ
दृस्टि जैसा दिखाए यहां।।

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What Will Life Be With
A Perfect World All Sunshine No Rain
Never Cold Always
Warm Never
To Rake
Nothing To
Clean Up All
The Same True
Who Will
Stay in
The Desert
And Never Find
Home This
Place of
Tears And
Joy Where
No Perfect
God Lives
Yes This
This Bliss
This Village
Of Love
All May
Come to See With
God Eyes Love Now
Heaven On
Out Love
From Fires Of
Hell Make All
Colors We Co-Create
Delicious From
Black Abyss Shades
Of Grey All the More
Out of
Hell Painting
Beyond Rainbow
Colors New to Feel
For True
What Good
Is A Welfare
Where We
Don’t Get
To Paint The Colors
Of LoVE iNDeeD An
All Giving God
Gifts Us
As Brush
Paint All
Part of
This MasterPeace
We Do Coloring Love 🎨 🙌
😁Hehe Other
Than That
Happy You
Are Only
Experiencing Car Loss😊

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