My Kind of Beautiful……… (Part I)

‘You know he has a crush on you, dear’ said Mia having a big smile on her face to Anna.’Oh really ‘ said Anna casually painting her nails. ‘Yep’ the other replied. ‘Who wouldn’t? I am the prettiest girl studying in college’ she said abashing her friend. ‘Belle thinks she is beautiful , oh come on she hasn’t seen herself on mirror. She is so dark ” she said when she saw Belle crossing from window. Hearing all these Mia felt tristful and um and ahed in front of her friend deciding what to say. She didn’t mind her friend’s word as she was well acquainted with those and she too believed she isn’t that beautiful .’ In which beauty parlor do you go? I too want to be beautiful like you ‘ she said as she wanted to change the topic.

‘You come with me this Sunday, I will show you. You won’t get as much beautiful as I am but at least your beauty can be enhanced. By the way if you don’t remember there’s party at Sunday evening she said. Mia again um and ahed and replied ‘ok I will be waiting, to know your secret ‘and went away from her as she felt heartbroken with her friend’s words. But she kept telling herself she isn’t that beautiful that’s why Anna tells her so. She lied herself to bed and went to sleep.

The next day arrived, it was Sunday. They both drank coffee, with some hearty breakfast and decided their, To-Do list for Sunday. They will be dressing themselves in most beautiful dress they have for party, then they would go to church for worshipping Jesus which is to be followed by shopping and then they would relax in beauty parlor.

They dressed themselves in most beautiful party dress they had and made their way to the church. Mia asked Jesus to keep the birds happy and cheerful with their tummy full ,which she saw outside the church. She too asked Jesus to change her friend’s attitude towards everyone. On the other hand Anna asked Jesus to make her, her kind of beautiful. She knows she is beautiful but her inner beauty is not revealed. After that they made their way to the shopping mall. The girls enjoyed shopping there and after that Anna took Mia to the beauty salon at the first floor.

‘Welcome ma’am to our salon’ . ‘Okay, okay now help us fast , we have to attend a party !!’Anna said. ‘How can we help you maam’ said the staff. ‘Make both of us as beautiful as we are !!’said Anna. ‘Maam please take your seats’.’Do it fast we have to go!’. Soon their treatment started. The staff applied face masks to them saying it will show their inner beauty.’Do fast , there’s no time to chit – chat with us!!’ instructed Anna. Listening to this the other staff who was treating Mia started hurrying and mistakenly her elbow touched Anna. ‘What the hell are you doing idiot? You touched me with that dirty hand of yours!!! Anna shouted. ‘We are very sorry ma’am . It won’t happen again’ said the other staff. ‘Forgive her Anna, it’s just a hand and that too wasn’t done intentionally’ said Mia. ‘It’s absolutely alright,, please carry on’ she added. ‘Please hurry up, we have to go!!!’ shouted Anna. Soon the makeup and hair styling were over and Anna was seeing herself in mirror. She was looking as if she was prettiest girl in the world. She was very happy admiring herself. Paying her bills, Mia thanked them and went back to Anna who was lost in her face .’Pay them ‘she whispered. ‘Oh yes , take this’ said Anna giving money to the staff and went out hurriedly.

To be continued in next part II…………..

134 replies on “My Kind of Beautiful……… (Part I)”

Interesting story, Dulcy.
This happens in real life. Words of downgrade from our friends can really affect and push us into low self esteem. I dislike when friends do that but I also think we should hold in the highest priority the positive thoughts we have of our own self

Thanks for sharing πŸ’š

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Hi, Dulcy! And thanks for dropping by. I must say you are an amazing young lady. Not only are you a great writer, you have the maturity of girls twice your age. Cheers to you, my new young friend! Keep writing!

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Hi Dulcy,
Lovely to meet you here. Your post read on a sunny Sunday morning has really brightened my day here in England. I have skim read it & will return later today.
I love your handbag you are holding on your About pic.
Take care

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Hi Dulcy!!
I’m really impressed with your stories!! Great stories with a message
I like making cartoon movies and I just got some software to make one so can I use your this story to make one and publish on YouTube if my cartoon animation movie got successfully build up?
I’ll give full credit to your story!
Your answer is accepted my me even if yes or no πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

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Thank you so much dearπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ€—πŸ€—
Yes , you can.It really means a lot , you choosed my story out of so many!! You made my day.
Can you give me link to your channel, I will subscribe it πŸ’›πŸ’›


Oh thank you so much!!
And I do not own a channel till now.. But I’m planning to make… Making some videos on my art and craft….. when it will be ready I’ll provide you with the link πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

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