My kind of Beautiful…….(Part II)

Anna was all excited for party as she was looking very beautiful. They were standing in parking area of the mall and waiting for the cab. Soon they got a cab. It would take half an hour to reach party hall but due to traffic they got delayed by half an hour more. Anna was getting impatient , because she thought she would reach the party late and won’t be able to enjoy and all her money spent on makeup will go in vain. She started shouting at the cab driver to drive faster. Innocent driver replied ‘Sorry ma’am I can’t drive, as you can see we are stuck’. Anna with full of anger started yelling at him.

Mia said ‘Anna just stop it , you know the situation, then why are you behaving like this ?’. ‘It’s all because of you that we got late. I don’t need to explain it further, I guess you know !! ‘Let’s walk till there ‘Mia suggested.

Anna wailed ‘How is that possible?? My makeup?? It will be sweaty!!’. Mia said gently ‘Can’t help dear, either you will be late or you will be sweaty?, its better if we walk as cool breeze is blowing and we won’t get sweaty that much. Come on dear’

They started walking and soon they reached the main gate of party hall. Anna was all tried walking and suddenly when she touched the door, her hills slipped and she fell down .She was now fully annoyed and had just opened her mouth to curse Mia, but a miracle happened.

Suddenly Mia’s face sparkled, she started looking radiant and pretty. Anna had never saw Mia’s alluring face ever before. She was startle for a moment. But was back soon, ignoring this she entered the party hall, but at the back of her mind she was feeling uncomfortable and confused. For the first time Anna felt jealous of Mia’s beauty.

Everyone glared at Mia when both of them entered, ignoring Anna. Mia soon found herself standing in spotlight, everyone staring at her. Anna being disregarded, started feeling uncomfortable and seated herself . Anna was burning with anger whenever she thought of Mia’s beauty and as a result her face started looking hideous.

Mia seemed cheerful and was busy in twattling with friends. She noticed that Anna was looking sad and left, so she urged her to join the group. But Anna told ‘I don’t need to join any group, all my admirers will join me, you just wait and watch, in parties everyone needs a beautiful company like me to hang on….’

No one bothered to talk with Anna after noticing her face which was looking very unusual. She was not looking same ”gorgeous” Anna ! Instead her face was looking charmless and ugly full of jealousy. As if what was inside in heart was revealing on her face. For the first time she didn’t got a single compliment from her admirers. She was heartbroken. She didn’t enjoy a single moment in the party nor ate anything.

Mia was worried for her friend Anna, so she served a plate of snacks to her but Anna shouted and said ‘leave me alone.’ Mia told ‘I think you’re tired let’s go to our hostel. But first sprinkle some fresh water on your face to feel better.

Anna went to the washroom and screamed. She was in shock after noticing her face in the mirror. She was looking horrible. Mia rushed after hearing Anna’s cry. Both were confused as neither of them knew how come they were looking like this. Anna cursed the beauty parlor staff for destroying her beauty. Mia told no ‘they have really enhanced my beauty, may be because of walking your face has become dull.’

Soon then, they saw the staff from beauty parlor running towards them carrying their shopping bag having their to-do list. She told ‘Maam you had forgotten your shopping bag in my shop. I couldn’t recognize whose was it until I read your to-do list. This reminded me of you , ma’am. I too have to attend a party here ,so I thought I can return your bag here ‘. Mia thanked but Anna betrayed the staff. Staff replied ‘I have followed your instructions and refined both of your’s inner beauty. Now your inner beauty is visible as you wished for, you will remain your kind of beautiful forever since heart doesn’t have wrinkles. Hope you like it ma’am’…………

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This party jam is exciting, first getting to a party late when it’s no fault of yours just relax *&* be cool with the thought humans can’t plan for ‘Time’ *&* ‘circumstances,’ once you get safely to your party destination don’t ‘complain’ or ‘harbor jealousy,’ ‘move with confidence,’ *&* enjoy party-time.

Great post!

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I totally agree with you. That’s why one should always be good and kind at heart. Thanks for stopping by and reading my story and sharing your precious comment. Stay blessed and safe always 😊😊

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Hey, words cannot express how grateful I am for your beautiful comment Dulcy 🙌👍.

I am sorry that I am only now replying to your comment because I was away from wordpress since I had logged-off yesterday but I just wanted to thank you and wish you a blessed day awell my dear friend 👍💕😂

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Awww that is AWESOME 👍👍. I am happy you understand and that’s more than I can ask for; and you are absolutely welcome buddy — I admire your work and cherish you as a person and I wish you a great day too haha

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पूरी कहानी पड़ी आपकी
सत्य के दर्शन हुए यहां
बहुत भटकते ज्ञानी तपस्वी
सब को सत्य के दर्शन ना होते यहां।।

आज हो गए हमे यहां
किसी हुए या नही हुए यहां
आपके शब्दो मे सत्यार्थ दिखा
दिल पर झुर्रियां ना पड़े यहां।।

गजब लिखा क्या खूब लिखा
दिल छू लिया हमारा यहां
दिल करता हैं करू नमन
आप काबिले तारीफ
कलम चलाती यहां।।

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आप की कविता ने मेरी कहानी मे चार चांद लगा दिए, धन्यवाद 😊😊

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देवी चाँद वो अस्त हो चुका
आज अमावस्या हैं यहां
आप करो बाते चार की
यहा एक दीखे ना कभी यहां।।

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समझ सके हम आप पुराने
हम नए चावल हैं यहां
नया चावल पके देर से
सत्य धारणा हैं यहां।।

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Congratulation once again and thanka for nominating . Sorry. I don’t want to hurt you. You made such an effort to make my link and post there  , nominating me out of so many. I really appreciate that and feel honoured. But I think I won’t do any more Award posts.  I am really feeling happy for kind gesture of yours.Sorry once again.You can change my name with someone else .

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No I won’t… It’s upto choice of writers. awards are just a gesture to show that you like someone’s work. It isn’t forced to write over and continue the chain.
Keep shining always. 🤗😉🤗

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This reminded me of a verse from Scripture: “For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” ❤

The same principle applies to writing. Though it is excellent, not everyone will appreciate your writing, Dulcy. Not everyone has that capacity. Many people are shallow or ignorant. They are enamored by celebrities, and wealth which is very sad for them. Hopefully, one day they will learn better.

Followers will come and go. They may be distracted by school or work or family obligations. They may become ill or develop other interests or lose internet service or a thousand other things that have no relationship to you at all.

Do not be discouraged by this. The worth of your writing is not measured by the number of online followers you have. It is measured by the integrity w/ which you convey your ideas and feelings, and the impact you have on any single reader's heart and mind.

And God reads every post. ❤ ❤ ❤

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Thanks a lot ma’am you stopped by and read my story. It really means a lot to me. I really cherish all your comments every time. Ma’am please check your latest post I have left a comment,may be you haven’t checked or it may have spam. Good day 😊

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I cannot locate your comment, Dulcy. I’m awfully sorry. 😦 I’ll keep trying to find it. There must be a problem w/ WordPress. I’ve already contacted WordPress, but things are slow there b/c of Covid.

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What is in your heart will at some time come out. In this case, Anna’s jealousy was revealed after going to the beauty shop. Mia, a true friend, had her heart revealed too. But her heart was pure, so was her beauty. Nice story Dulcy. This is a fantasy, but the moral of the story is real. Hate and jealousy are ugly.

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Thanks a lot sir🙏, for stopping by and reading my story and at the same time dropping your precious comment. It really means a lot. I am glad you liked it 😊 🙏🙏🌺


Sure sir actually my exams were going on so I was busy. But now I have thought of a story. After some time I will start writing it. I will also go through your blogs slowly too. Good night sir 🙏


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